I am happy to offer you unlimited wedding day documentation. I think capturing your wedding day or destination wedding from beginning to end is the best way to tell your story. (Maybe not the very end though, nobody wants to see the drunk party moves.) Your story will be unfolding in so many beautiful moments througho ut your event. And beautiful moments happen all the time. In the beginning, with all the excitement and anticipation of the ‘getting ready’ or later in the evening while you are throwing some wild dance moves. And of course in many beautiful small and big moments in between. Most wedding days take 10-12 hours. So it takes time to let the amazingness of your day unfold and translate into honest, emotional and artistic images.
They will become your love story that you will laugh, cry, smile about endless times after. So your wedding story will become your visual heritage. Precious moments captured – memories ready to be cherished (and cried, laughed, smiled about) for the years to come. See a few wedding story highlights below.