Hong Kong Wedding Photographer

Are you planning your wedding in Hong Kong? Would love to have your Pre-Wedding images taken? That’s a great start. I would be more than happy if you check out my work. Since I am frequently traveling to Asia, i might be just around the corner for your wedding date. Please see my travel schedule for my next Asia visit.

My photography is natural, authentic, heartfelt, sensitive, & creative documentary, just to describe it in a few words. I believe a fresh pair of eyes in a new surrounding will come up with interesting vision and vision is what matters. Since i am not so good with words i hope you will fall in love with my images and storytelling. So here is your and my chance to hopefully meet and create something beautiful together. I am keeping all my fingers crossed that i will be telling your story. Would be more than happy if you get in touch to see if we would be the perfect match for each other.


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