Croatia Wedding Photographer

Your are looking for a wedding photographer to capture some special moments in Croatia? You love the sea, sailing from island to island, jumping into the blue see here and stopping to have a glass of wine and some food there?

Barefeet happiness and mediterranean summer vibe at its best. Croatia is your place no doubt. I had the chance to photograph my first wedding on Hvar, Croatia. We landed in Split and took the ferry to Hvar, it’s a scenic 2-hour ride. And wow – did i fell in love with that place! Crystal blue oceans to plunge in (which makes for great photos!), beautiful cultural sights and architecture, amazing people and lots of great mediterranean vibes. Instant favorite no doubt. And the best, so many scenic places to choose from, especially if you like rocks (with or without water around) the ocean and the medival feel around the villages. Can’t wait to get back!

But here is a little warning to your wedding planning ;-) Don’t get in a little boat to your wedding venue once the dark clouds show up. Those who make it really stormy. And wet. Other then that, this is sailing heaven and island paradise. If we meet there i will tell you the full story and show you some cool places on Hvar. Enough said about Croatia, please tell me what you love! Happy to work out your magic portraits session.